Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am so happy that Spring is almost here!! Yipee!! Spring is really my favorite season! I love all the other seasons too, but there is just something about spring that makes you feel alive and renewed.

About 8:00 this morning I could hear the birds singing outside my bedroom window. No, I wasn't sleeping, I was working, but I wished I were still sleeping! I just absolutely love hearing the birds sing and it really gives me joy! I guess I am weird, but I never get tired of hearing the birds chirping and singing. When the weather is warmer and we start opening the windows, Pat will get frustated when he is awakened by the song of the birds and he wants me to close the window, but I just want to lay there and listen! Growing up on a farm might have something to do with it! We didn't have air conditioning in our old farm house and so the windows were our source of cool air! I would wake up every morning to the birds singing and the sun shining.

Hearing the birds sing their song reminds me that spring is on its way, that the earth will be renewed with fresh green color in the grass and the trees, flowers with their abundant rainbow of colors and fresh, wonderful air. Out with the old , in with the new!

Spring also reminds me of Christ's sacrifice for us and that through Him and His Atonement, we can purge out sin, be renewed, and live with bright hope for this life and eternal life.

Happy Spring !!

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Kim said...

I love Spring too....but, I will much more happy when the sun is shining!! I miss the sun! Oh, and I love to hear the birds chirping too...