Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pictures from the Past

I just absolutely love this picture! I sure do miss those days when they were little babes! Aren't they so cute?!!! I never used to believe people when they told me "kids grow up fast." It is so true. Now that these two babes of mine have left the nest, I can't tell you how unprepared I was for their absence in our home. I miss you Ether and Kita!
Ready for church! Arent' they so cute!

This is outside the courthouse after Pat legally adopted Ether, Marikita, and Marissa! As you can tell, Gretchen is about ready to join our family!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I goofed

Somehow the pictures below got spaced further and further apart the farther you scroll down! Whoops!

I will be posting pictures soon from Ether's concert last year and our family trip to Utah when we took Ether to the MTC!!

Random Pictures -2009

The snow fort Pat and the girls made in our back yard!!
Marikita's Graduation Day 2009!!!!

Ether - first day in the MTC!!!

Ether and Rebecca - PROM!!

Ready for church!!!

Marissa, Adam, and Simon - State Choir

Pat's hunting gobbler!

Marissa post production -"The Great Easter Egg Hunt"

Ether receives his Mission Call to Bogota Colombia North Mission!!!

Hannah's baptismal day!

Ether and Rebecca - 8 months!!!

Ether is our "cookie man" in our house, making choc chip cookies no doubt!

Marikita singing solo at the April 2009 Choregraphed choir concert!!!!

Hannah's Birthday Take 2

The color in the photo was kind of goofy, but here she is with her cake sans the candles!
Hannah's birthday was actually February 19th, so I am a little behind!

Hannah's Birthday

I am not a fancy cake maker, but I thought this turned out cute anyway. The important thing is that Hannah loved it and that's what counts!!