Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Almost all of us at our house like to work in the kitchen!
While I was doing dishes (and making an apple crumble), I was pondering (ha!) on what each person in our family likes to make or bake in the kitchen.

Pat - "Salsa man." I will get to that in a minute! He likes to make a lot of different things, namely anything with meat. In the summertime when the time for grilling comes along, he will go to town on grilling all kinds of meat, some of which we will eat for dinner that night and the rest for freezing to savor later. I will also call him our "salsa" man. Last year with our garden produce we decided to try our hand at making salsa. We made some fresh salsa (which I helped with and it was pretty darn good) and some cooked salsa which we then froze in quart baggies. Depending on who you ask, he might have gone over board. We still have 12 quart bags of salsa in the freezer!!

Cindy - "chocolate girl." I love to make all kinds of desserts with chocolate.....cookies, cakes, scones, brownies, etc. I also like baking anything in general. I take after my mom who loves baking!! I also like making pies! When my mom realized that when I was a teenager I had the pie making stuff down, she refused to make any at that point and I became the family pie baker forever more! I still have that job today for family gatherings!

I have this secret dream (its not a secret anymore) of wanting to have my own Bake Shoppe. (I can hear the guffaws already, I know, I need to perfect my cake decorating)! I would take great joy in making sugar cookies, cakes, brownies, and all kinds of delectable sweets like things you see in magazines!

Ether - He is our "cookie man." He just absolutely loves to make chocolate chip cookies. Got a craving for chocolate chip cookies, or just chocolate, all you had to do was ask Ether and he would whip up a batch in no time!

Marikita - I think she missed out on the cooking gene somewhere! I don't recall her EVER making anything in the kitchen. She just has no interest in creating anything in the kitchen. That's okay, she is talented in so many other areas! She will be famous or rich, or both someday and she will probalby hire a cook anyway!

Marissa - "Apple crumble girl."- When it comes to making desserts, Marissa almost always hands down, will make an apple crumble and she does a dang good job at it. She takes pride in what she makes and you cannot hurry her along. She also loves making sugar cookies and is talented at decorating them! She is also 2nd in line when it comes to making choc chip cookies.

Gretchen and Hannah - They are just getting the hang of cookie making! It is funny, their favorite part of baking is cracking the egg! They will stick to the task of the making and take off when it is time for the baking! I am left holding the bowl!

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