Thursday, March 26, 2009


Doesn't every family have nicknames for each other? I guess I don't really remembering having any at home when I grew up, but hey, it is always nice to start a new tradition isn't it?!!!

I am a person who likes to rhyme, I don't even know why? I guess because it is fun to be silly, so that might explain why I have such silly names for my kids and my hubby.

Ether - when he was a baby I called him "pootie boy." I was walking down the sidewalk to our house carrying him when he was about 6 months old saying to him "you cutey boy, you booty boy, you know doing my rhymin thing going through the alphabet and then I said pootie boy and it stuck! He has to be in a good mood for me to call him that now!! hee hee!!

Marikita - When she was a baby I called her "choo choo". I don't even know where I got that, but that is what I called her especially when I changed her diaper I would talk to her and call her my little choo choo. As she got a little older we called her "Kietsie" and now we call her "kita" for short!

Marissa - When she was a baby I called her "choo chie". I guess I wasn't very creative and it was kind of an extension of Markitia's choo choo name! As she got a little older I started calling her "Reesie." And now we call her Reesa for short!

Gretchen - When she was a baby I called her "Gretchen Grunter" because when she was about 3 weeks old when she would wake up in the morning the first thing she would do would be to grunt. We don't know if she was stretching, pooping or what!!
Now we call her "Gretchy Lou". Her middle name is Louise if that helps to know how that fits!!

Hannah - When she was a baby I called her "Boonie." I know it sounds a lot like Ether's pootie, but that name just stuck for her too!! As she got a little older we started calling her "Hannah Banana." We still call her both of those names!

Pat - When we first got married I called him "Honey"all the time. I guess as an extension to the nickname honey bun I started calling him "Bun." It was a nickname for honey bun so I wouldn't have to say the whole thing!!!! I am sure without even thinking I have called him that in public and I am sure people have wondered about me!

Me - Sadly enough, I don't really have a nickname. Pat does call me "honey" sometimes and the kids either call me "Mom", Mommie, or Momma. BUT, before I was married (my maiden name is Coupe) I got called "Scoop" by one of my very good friends Rich, who also is a rhymer! A good friend of mine (it's a long story) used to call me "Spud Woman" and I called her Silly Millie. On my mission I was called "Scoupe" by one of the Elders short for Sister Coupe.

Happy day to all my sisters from another mister!!!


Brenda Scarlett said...

Cute names :) Nicknames are fun to have. I think they're special.

Steph and Jeff said...

We also have nicknames. We call Lauren "Lauren-Ba-Gauren" and we call McKenna "McKenna-Moo" or "McKenna-May" Jeff and I call each other hon-bun. Thanks for sharing your special nicknames.