Friday, March 20, 2009

My Adventure After Hospital Land

I am picking puke green to tell this story because it fits well with what I have to tell you!
I got to do two fun little tests at the hospital on Wednesday which involved one end and then the other. That's all I am going to say! ha, ha, I am leaving you guessing! Anyway.....I had to start on a liquid on Tuesday which consisted of a little bit of jello, chicken broth, and apple juice! Whoppety do!! It wasn't too bad and I didn't get as hungry as I thought I would. Tuesday night I had to drink 6 glasses of some solution to help clean me out. Wednesday morning I had to drink 9 glasses of the same stuff, but this time I had to do it in 3 hours time. That went pretty well! I am thinking to myself as I am heading to the hospital that I will get to eat when all this is done! WRONG!! After my procedures I was a little woozy.....Ether drove me home. On the way home I was envisioning something tastey, something fast foodish! I decided on Burger King. I told Ether, can we stop and get me a chicken sandwich? He honored my request! I was deliriously thinking of eating that chicken sandwich when I got home, but then on the way home I started feeling sick......oh the time I got home I barely made it to the bathroom. Well that was the end of the idea of eating anything. I tried 2 bites, but it came back up. I tried water, still the same result. I slept on and off all night with bathroom bouts in between ridding my body of some more fluids!

I really hate being nauseated! I would almost rather have some pain than have nausea! The funny thing is, I don't know if I was more mad that I was nauseated or that I couldn't eat! I had my heart so set on eating something, but it wasn't to be. I woke up Thursday morning and realized I was feeling pretty snappy! I have a little residue of some wooziness, but I didn't feel sick to my stomach. I tried eating a few crackers.....they stayed down! Yahoo!!! I felt like I was on the homestretch to eat! It was about time.....I finally had something to eat after 58 hours or no solid foods! I think anyone who can go without food or is forced to go without food for that long deserves a medal or something, don't ya think? So next time you have to wait to a little extra time before you can eat for whatever reason, I don't want to hear any whining!

Well needless to say, like any bad is all a memory now!!


Steph and Jeff said...

Sounds like a good weight loss plan. I always say that the stomach flu once a year is my diet. Sorry for your bad experience. It's all up hill from here.

Kim said...

Hey sister! What a day you had! Love you...thanks for helping last are my hero!

Brenda Scarlett said...

Wow!! So sorry I didn't know you were sick. I am glad you are feeling better! That kind of sick is the worst kind!!!

Cindy said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes! Steph, I forgot to write in my blog that I lost 6 pounds from that whole ordeal, so YES it is a good weight loss plan!!! ha!!!!!