Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thinking Thoughts

Some days my heart yearns to write and blog and post pictures, but I haven't had any time to do it! I have a whole list of things to blog about:

1. Pictures I have had on my camera for the last 3 months.
2. The last play production at North Star.
3. Spirit week at North Star with some very funny pictures.
4. Prom.
5. Ether's open house.
6. Pictures from the Temple when Ether was endowed.
7. Our Utah trip pictures and that whole story!
8. Oh, and our family pictures when we get them back!

I hope that by the time I get around to posting these things, they will not be 6 months old!

I haven't had time to blog because of my forever long list of things to do which I try to work on after I am done working, taxiing the kids around, cooking dinner, helping with homework, and whatever else comes up in between! I get up and 5:00 and go to bed at 10:00 and I still can't get it all done.

1. Writing thank you notes for those who helped us while we were gone on our trip!
2. Call and find out where Marikita's graduaton announcements are since Graduation is 1 month away, yikes!
3. Call for a refill of Marissa's asthma med.
4. Mail invitations for Marikita's graduation party!
5. Work on the Relief Society Newsletter which is due to be handed out this Sunday? Yikes!
6. Call Verizon to cancel Ether's unlimited texting! (he paid for it) but I don't want to pay for it!
7. Call State Farm and have them take Ether off as a driver on our insurance (yay, save money)!
8. Find out why we haven't been getting a bill for our washer and dryer?
9. Try to catch up on the mountain of laundry before my kids don't have anything to wear?!!!
10. Make a menu for the month.
11. Make a new budget for May.
12. Work on a genealogy chart for Ether and mail it to him (he forgot to do it) :)
13. Plan Marikita's graduation party with food and all!
14. Get the garden planted.
15. Go through 3 weeks of mail that I have looked at, but not dealt with yet.
16. Get things ready for a garage sale!
17. Start my exercise program that I can never seem to find for!

I think of new things everyday that get added to this list, so it never ends! Always something to do!
My hearts desire if I didn't have to work........I would take better care of the house, bake more, sew, can, try new recipes, go to lunch with friends, and be free to do more service. What is that saying by Joseph Smith "range the whole world blessing all mankind".....something like that. Maybe one of these days?!!!!

Blessings to you my blogger friends! Love you all!


Kim said...

Wow! What a list! I'm tired for you! Love to you!! Glad you blogged..sorry we didn't get to talk today.

Steph and Jeff said...

Is Ether gone on his mission? I had no idea. And Markita is graduating. Wow kids grow up fast. Well work fast, and think fast, and drive fast. Best of luck to you.