Friday, November 28, 2008

New Job

I started a new job transcription job on November 10th. I have doubled my previous workload and so I have been so behind on my blogging! I miss it very much. I haven't had the time to sit down and post a blog let alone even read or add comments to my friends blogs!! Sorry friends! I miss you!

I love quotes and sayings! I know there are some people who either watch a movie so many times they can repeat what some of the characters say or they memorize parts of movies! When I can be more stress free I love to be silly. Not everyone gets to see my silly side! I think the silliness in my sisters and I comes from my Dad's side. He is pretty silly as well as his mother, my grandmother. See, I can't help it, it is in the genes!!! ha!!! Anyway, I have loved saying the word "galavant" lately. I told my neighbor the other day that I was "galavanting to the store." I also have a habit of rhyming. Things like "whadya know Joe," or "later perculator." Stuff like that! I think my kids like it half the time and just tune it out others times!

It has been a good day and I am happy for silly things!


Steph and Jeff said...

You are right, I have never seen your silly side, but I know what you mean about rhyming words. Jeff and I have a game where we have to rhyme to each others sentences. And my whole family are movie quoters.

Kim said...

I have seen a little of your silly side and I love it!! I also love the you know, I love to rhyme too...Mr. McGoo!! I think Galavant is such a cool word...I can see why you want to say it, it just sounds fun! One of my favorite words in that word!