Sunday, November 2, 2008

How I Baked My Cell Phone and Made 25 Cents on Ebay

It was one of those days when it might have been better just to stay in bed?

We have had a Dora sleeping bag that was Hannah's, that I couldn't even sell on our garage sale for $2. Everyone wanted to give me less and I wouldn't budge having paid $17 for it. I had a genious idea to sell it on e-bay! Yes, that would give me some cash and probably a better price than a garage sale!

The auction ended at $5.75! Yay, I did better than garage sale price! Total auction including postage came to $9.75. I was so proud of myself!

I went to the UPS Store (we had used them in the past for E-bay mailing). I had stuffed this sleeping bag into this little itty bitty box thinking I might be right at or a little under the postage! She rang up the sale and it was $9.85. WHAT? She told me it might be cheaper to send it in one of those padded we opened the box and put the sleeping bag in the envelope. It was only $7.66, but I was forgetting that I had to still pay for the envelope. When she rang up the grand total it came to $9.50. I had received $9.75 from the purchaser. My profit now was 25 cents. My proud and happy mood quickly went to a sick feeling. That is how I made 25 cents on E-bay.

The same day in the late afternoon, it was cold and felt like winter was already here, I had turned on the oven and propped it open. I was standing next to the oven relishing the heat and feeling the warmth, when my cell phone rang. It was my son Ether calling! When I finished my conversation with him, with a one handed fold I hung up. As I was doing this the cell phone somehow slipped out of my hand and slid perfectly down the door of the oven right on the bottom floor of the oven. I shrieked! I quickly turned off the oven and grabbed a spatula! (Are you laughing envisioning this?). My cell phone is now lying face down. I was trying to scoop up my cell phone in hamburger fashion when it slid a little bit further and one end hit the coils! In my mind I am thinking that the front is going to be melted, never to be heard from again in cell phone land. 30 seconds later, when I finally got it on the spatula I carefully laid in in the sink. After a few minutes I winced as I turned it over, what was it going to look like? I was amazed when I turned it over to find that it had barely noticeable melt marks on it! I tried to place a phone call and it worked and has ever since!

The end