Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gretchen's 9th Birthday

Today we celebrated Gretchen's 9th Birthday. It is so hard to believe she is 9 years old. We are so proud of Gretchen! She was so excited to come home from school today to spend it with the family and see what gifts she received from family near and far!!!

Gretchen loves animals!!!

"Hey, where are the candles."

Who says you can't put candles on an ice cream cake?
Can you tell we were anxious to eat it, we had already scored and cut it before she blew out the candles!! It was yummy! That's one great thing about birthday's......whether it's yours or someone else's everyone gets cake!!


Steph and Jeff said...

That is something I never thought of before. I am always kind of bummed on others people's birthdays because they get presents and I don't, but We All Get to Eat Cake. Tell Gretchen Happy Birthday

Kim said...

Happy late Birthday Gretchen!! Looks like you guys had fun!